2006 Saab 9-5 Stalls at 70 mph

Ours is a standard, 40K miles. Driving on the freeway, the engine just cuts out, loses power, all lights on the dash flash, then it starts again on its own - all this happens within seconds. Saab dealer says "Didn’t stall when we drove it … " But it has happened twice at 70 mph - kind of scary. Any thoughts?

If you turned the key to off while driving at 70 mph and quickly switched it back on it seems likely the same things would happen. I believe the issue is in the ignition switch or perhaps the vehicle “immobilizer” system.

Do you have a whole lot of keys on your key ring? Saabs have the keyed ignition switch on the console between the seats. Did anything spill or drop in there that could have damaged the switch?

The ignition switch is the starting point in the things to check out.

Thanks for your reply. Just one other key on the ring, so that’s not it. I don’t think anything went down the ignition, but who knows?!