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2006 Porsche 911 engine drops into idle

I have a 2006 Porsche 911, 6-speed manual, 90K miles. At periodic intervals (~3 - 6 months), upon moderate acceleration from a complete stop, the engine will drop down into idle iin 1st gear around 1.2K to 2K RPM. Only after I release pressure on the accelerator pedal, and reapply pressure, does the engine respond. From this point on no issues. However, if I maintain pressure on the accelerator pedal, or increase pressure, the engine remains at idle. This problem may occur at up to 1/3 of the time that I accelerate from a stop. This problem may last for weeks, then disappear for months. It 1st appeared about 2 years ago. When I took it to the dealership, the problem had stopped and they were unable to experience the problem on a drive or in the shop. What gives? Engineer friend suggested the throttle body.

What gives is the “they were unable to experience the problem” part. This is a transient problem that needs to be present when the mechanic has a monitor plugged into the car on a ride-along.

Sorry, but the best pieces of advice I can give you is the very next time it appears, get the car to the dealer, or a Porsche specialist, ASAP. The second piece of advice is to join as many Porsche owners forums as possible and look for others with this problem and post with your problem. Good Luck!

Ok, thanks for your input.