2003 Ford Taurus Almost Shuts off while driving


I can be driving down the road, hot, cold, wet, dry and all of a suddent the engine almost stalls. If I do not catch it happening and it does stall, all I have to do is restart it. It has never left me stranged. The vehicle has 69K. Have replaced, fuel pump, fuel filter, somekind of air valve and it still does it. Any suggestions? Does not come up with errors at the dealer.


What do you mean by “catch it”? What do you do? does this happen at highway speeds?


When I say catch, I mean hit the accelerator. It will almost stall and then pick back up. The other day I was in traffic and it just stalled. I can restart it immediately.


Yes it does it at highway speeds. I travel quite a bit for my job and use cruise control. It will ‘almost shut off’ and then I accelerate and it keeps going. It is like a brief loss of all power.


This is a question for other posters here. OP, please ignore the question as it may be completely wrong, unless others agree with me.

Over the years, it seems a large percentage of sudden death issues have been caused by the idle speed control.

On the surface, it would seem that at highway speed with cruise on, it should never idle.

My question for others: is this true, or in some cases, such as coasting in some circumstances, can cruise let the engine drop to an idle, such as going down a gradual slope? If it ever does, then of course, the idle speed control could cause this problem. If it never does, then it cannot.

But, since I don’t know, and idle speed control is as often misdiagnosed in cars as roseola is misdiagnosed in babies, I thought I would toss this question out, rather than suggest it to OP.


I would have a closer look at the ignition control (by the engine computer [pcm]) and the ignition coil. A full MISFIRE diagnostic may have to be done… Even at speed, when the throttle (gas pedal) is released, the throttle plate (and the throttle position sensor [tps]) goes to the idle position. This doesn’t that the engine rpm goes to idle.


…edit: …“this doesn’t mean that the engine rpm goes to idle”. It doesn’t.