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2006 Pontiac T1000 - Headlights stuck on

headlights will not turn off

Headlight relay may have stuck. I’d replace the relay.

What car is this? A T1000? That’s a Chevette clone made in the 1980s, not 2006.


There have been no cars branded as Pontiacs for about 10 years, so it is not possible for anyone to have a Pontiac made in 2006. And, the Pontiac T1000 was not manufactured after 1987, so we are left to wonder what car model is actually being driven by the OP.

This car was also sold by Canadian Pontiac dealers as the Acadia.The only difference was the badge! and yes, that was way back in the 80s.

I believe the last year was 2010 for Pontiac. At least I have a 2009. Know nothing of this model though but likely irrelevant due to all of them having relays. So I’d pull the relay and replace it.

So, apparently you agree with me that it is not possible for someone to have a 2006 Pontiac, regardless of what model it might be…

I’ve replaced many a multi-function switch for this problem.

But never a relay.


I’m a little fuzzy today but still I think 2006 is older than 2010. So you could have an 06,07,08,09, or a 10 and still be a Pontiac. After that it would be a Chev. But yeah guess I’d go with Tester on the switch.