2006 Pontiac G6 - Dual policies?

I bought a G6 GTP 3.9L. The guy who worked on it before me must’ve freaked out in the middle of the repair job and walked off! I found the car to be excellent if it had been put back together correctly. Everything was loose, wrongly bolted, unbolted or outright missing from 10 mm bolts to the 19 mm engine mount nuts to speed nuts and brackets. Even the Transmission Case Cover which had the dreaded 45 T TORX Bolts were loosened for me to undo with my own bare fingers! If that car got in an accident, it would have fallen apart into panels, bolts and nuts. Not to mentions the SCREWS. Okay, this is my question: after fixing it up real good and adding the missing components and changing sensors and testing every single wire, circuit, connector, fuse as well as the main PCM or Computer module, the car is brand new a gain, my sister decided she wants to drive it to work while I rebuild my other Grand Prix Pontiac. I hate to give up the G 6. So, I told her to have her own insurance on the car while I kept my own insurance, title and registration. Is that possible? Retired Massachusetts Biochemist and teacher living in North Carolina Now. James

Why are you not asking your insurance agent or carrier this question instead of strangers on the web ?


because no one gave me the answer I am looking for, not to mention I prefer car talks opinion in the matter. After researching it, I could not find any legal or illegal premise to having two policies on one car. Others may have faced similar dilemmas. Lastly, I can ask whoever I want. Here I am asking a legitimate question

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Then have your sister talk to an insurance agent and tell the agent the vehicle is in someone else’s name and they have insurance . That way you will have the correct answer.

  • My sister did call an insurance agent, but the agent seemed either inexperienced or unwilling to accept such dual policies. I concluded that some insurances are actually allowing it since “It is not illegal to take out two insurance policies on the same car” the article I researched states. I guess I still do not have a reliable answer unless we call every insurance agent until we find a willing agency.

And that is just what you will have to do .

Avoid the possibility of 2 insurance companies arguing who will cover in case of an accident. Add her to your policy as an additional driver and have her pay the difference (if any). One company, everyone disclosed, easy.


Our opinion is irrelevant. If your insurance company won’t write the dual policies, then whether we approve of the idea or not, you’re not getting dual policies.

I agree with @SteveCBT. It’s simplest just to add her as a driver on your policy.

You will not, if this was your thinking, get double-payout if you have 2 insurance policies on the same car.


Hey, thanks guys for the answers you gave. We do not allow fraudulent intentions, much less committing a felony by filing dual claims. The decision to have two separate policies from two different insurances is expensive but wise. I own the car, I registered it, I have my insurance. My sister wants to drive it to work. She has her insurance. She pays her full premiums. She and her insurance cover and pay or repair for any potential damages. It is simple. No mixing of records, no worries. No additional claims. No headache arguing. Thanks to all of you. Each response had valuable input. But I disagree.

None of our opinions matter (including yours). Only the insurance company’s opinion matters.


I guess if you want to do it carefully you should have a written agreement with your sister about who is responsible for what. In general if you give permission for her to drive your car, she is primarily responsible for damage she does to others and to the car but you are also responsible too, and you can go after her for compensation.

My insurance covers uninsured/under-insured licensed drivers who use my vehicle(s).


Regardless of the insurance issue, you are retired so your sister has to be at least 40 years old. Why in the world would you let her drive your car? Just say no. I’m retired and I wouldn’t let my sister take my car to the store, nor would I ride with her.

I can’t say about car insurance but some states allowed multiple health policies. Minnesota didn’t allow two policies but South Dakota did. So if you had two policies in South Dakota and went to the hospital, you collected from both and made some money on the deal. I knew of one guy that collected about $20,000 from his hospital stay. Might be changed now, I dunno.

State laws vary, but around here, if you put another person on your policy as an additional driver and they have a vehicle that is insured in their name, there is no additional charge and they are covered. If they don’t have their own policy on their car, then you could be charged extra if they have a bad driving record or don’t live with you.

Yes that is true with respect to health insurance, and as I mentioned no one is implying any financial gain here. Having insurance on the car is strictly a matter of security. My sister is older than me (yes, I retired earlier though). She never let me drive her car, but I would. I have no problem as long as comprehensive and liability coverage is in effect. After consulting applicable state agencies and insurances, I found that the Law stipulates that the car be insured by the owner who registered the car. Insurances should not have a problem getting as many policies as you need as long as the law isn’t being violated and no one is attempting to defraud them through multiple claims. As I mentioned it is more expensive, but it is perfect. Two policies, two drivers, two different insurances. When it comes to paying and repairs in case of accidents who care who owns the title? Only buyers, and I do not intend to sell this one!

You seem to be under the impression that we can wave a wand and make the insurance companies do what you want them to do.

To be blunt, what you want to do is silly. Adding her as a driver on your policy would get the exact results you want (coverage if she wrecks) without a bunch of effort trying to do something weird.

That said, if you want to do it, and it’s legal where you live, have at – IF you can get an agent to write the second policy. If you can’t, nothing we say here will change that.

Again, what we think is irrelevant - especially since you’re not interested in our views as to the practicality or rationality of your plan. Go to the insurance company and ask them. Theirs is the only viewpoint that matters here.


I I agree that your opinion is irrelevant. We know that already. As far as my insurance’s response, they didn’t think it was silly at all. Just more expensive. Nothing is free. The DMV told me it was wise

So this means only you can insure it, correct? Like we’ve been saying?

Talk about making something too complicated . Just have the sister added to the policy and have her write a check for the deductible which might be less than another policy might be . That way if a accident does happen it will be simple to handle with the carrier.