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2006 Pacifica running warm/heat slow to warm

We have a 2006 Pacifica which as of recent has been slow to warm in the cabin, especially after a couple hour rest (oddly enough, it warms faster after sitting overnight). Also, when checking the fluids, we noticed that the coolant reservoir was just about empty. We added more 50/50 HOAT coolant, maybe 40-50 oz to get it normal cool engine level. This was done when the engine was cold. My wife noticed that the engine has been running warmer than normal. Normal is maybe a quarter the way up on the temp gauge, where it was around the halfway point, still far from the red zone but not its normal level. This symptom has been going on for maybe a week. After adding additional coolant, the level stayed where we filled it as the engine warmed up. The heater warmed up to a normal level from what I can tell (it is 30 degrees warmer than last week) so it didn’t start with a freezing cabin. I haven’t seen any leaking of coolant, since I’m sure I would notice a hot pink puddle under the car. Does anyone think this is pretty typical or the sign of something major. It has around 80k miles on it.


It may have some air in the system from an empty recovery bottle. Every Chrysler product I have ever owned ( a lot ) has a normal reading of just below half to half on the temp gauge

@Asp yo need to have this checked out ASAP. Have a mechanic or a shop perform a coolant pressure test. You could have a leaking water pump, blown headgasket or a leaking heater core.