2006 Nissan sentra

We have a 2006 sentry with about 61k miles on it. I have changed the oil every 3k miles and am going to drop the pan and change the gasket and filter for the tranny on Monday( the tranny place is doing it). Is there anything else maintenance wise that I can/should do? Thanks

The answers are all in your owner’s manual. It comes with a maintenance schedule and you just need to follow it.

The exception actually is the transmission. Manufacturer’s do silly things with the trans service recommendations. Have the pan/filter serviced every 30K no matter what the manual says.

Even Tranny Places Have Been Known To Use The Wrong Fluid. Using The Wrong Fluid Can Be Worse Than Not Changing The Fluid At All.

I’m not sure what is specified for your car. Some Nissans use a special J-Matic formula. Don’t let anybody substitute a multi-purpose or universal fluid for a specific fluid called for by the manufacturer. Often a dealer is the only place to obtain the right stuff.


Thanks. When I spoke to the guy st the tranny place the other day he mentioned how important it was to use the right fluid. I did not really think about it until you just mentioned it. I guess it is important. Thanks