Nissan Pathfinder P0448

I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder with a code P0448 I know it’s for the evaporative emission system vent. I’m hoping I can just change the canister but is this ok to go cheap on?

Sure, you can go cheap on the cannister but that won’t fix the problem. That code is not for the cannister, it is for the vent valve. It is either a bad valve or damaged wiring.

Could it be clogged causing it to short

Unlikely. The vapor passage and the cavity with the coil don’t cross.

Hey starting this back up well deciding to replace the valve but one thing I was wondering is if I should replace the canister to at the same time?

Remove and inspect the valve. If it seems to be clogged with charcoal might be a good idea to replace the canister along with a new valve. If there’s nothing clogging its passages, probably just the solenoid conked out, or the valve’s seat is leaking, so replacing the valve is likely all that’s necessary. There’s a service bulletin for this btw, google the number below. Before replacing the valve make sure the electrical connection at the valve solenoid isn’t corroded or any burned pins. Unless you’ve had purge valve problems too, my guess is that the vent valve isn’t clogged and all you have to do is replace it.