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2006 Nissan Pathfinder clicking noise in front

I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder with 150,000 miles on it and while driving very slowly I hear a clicking noise but seems to disappear as I go faster but I also have more vibration around 50 mph and up. I googled this alrdy and I do need an alignment my car goes to the right might explain some of the vibration. I’m pretty sure it’s not the Cv joint it doesn’t happen when turning cuz the clicking sound is always there while driving straight does this sound like it’s a Ujoint?

Could be, but the only way to diagnose that is to get under the car and feel for it.

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From fixing 2006 Pathfinder I’ve got with 157K miles 2 years back.

Clicking noise turned to be due to stabilizer bars bushings.
Clicking was on the front one, as oil was dripping down on bushings and rubber was worn away.
I replaced both front and back ones and clicking was gone.
Check stabilizer links too, it may be another area of concern.

I also had vibration coming at around 50 MPH or so, getting worse to 60MPH.
After checking wheel bearings (apparently were replaced by prior owner), I settled on the U-joints, but they looked solid at first, then I found one which was “clicking” in one direction only and quite faintly. It was on the front driveshaft, BTW, not the back one.
It was a $10 fix.