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2006 Nissan Maxima, 5spd, with125K, shaking at high speeds

My 2006 Nissan Maxima for the longest time would shake terribly as soon as your speed hit 60mph and above. I just installed 4 new Michelin tires, balanced and a 4 wheel alignment. Shaking is much better for sure but it still vibrates some on the interstate at high speeds(60mph - 70mph). Anything else I should look at to stop the shaking? None of my other cars shake like this at high speeds. Thanks in advance.

What did your old tires look like when you replaced them? Any uneven wear? cupping?

Did the alignment include a check of the suspension and steering components? (it usually does)

Driving for a long time with things shaking as bad as you say can cause all sorts of wear to suspension and steering components. In fact damage to all sorts of other parts.

Assemblies are often tested on shaker tables for short periods to find such vulnerabilities, but long term vibration, most mechanical assemblies will fail …

I’d take it back to whoever did the alignment and ask for a very thorough check of all suspension and steering components. Also you may want to redo the wheel balance, I’ve seen that incorrectly done.

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Agree with @BillRussell

Also, check for bent wheels. Some tire techs don’t pay much attention when they spin balance the tires, but a bent wheel would be apparent to someone looking for that. Tell them to check for a bent wheel.

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Check the struts. If they are original, I would replace them.

I have also seen bad engine mounts cause vibration at high speed.