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2006 Nissan Armada rear hatch won’t work

Rear hatch will not open.The actuator is moving but not triggering the lower lock to open.Used liquid silicone to lubricate actuator.Seems the lock cable also not moving attached to the actuator.Hatch closes to release manually from the inside move lever down inside rear hatch.? How to diagnose better?

Remove the hatch panel to see what is going on in there.PDL actuator motor can seize due to inactivity and lack of lubrification.

I did remove the hatch panel and re lubricated the interior of the actuator.Noticed that someone previous had drilled a hole large enough to insert a tube from a lubricating spray can.Used silicon lube.I also removed the actuator and tested it with the unit connected electrically and the actuator movement of the solenoid seems to be moving well.Used my hand as resistance and could not contain although the movement is short 1/2 throw approx.
Also tried to move the cable on the lower latch and no luck moving.Tried in both directions with a small vise grips.

No movement ?

The actuator rod was probably bent in a previous attempt to fix it. Try to straighten the rod until there is no play.The 1/2" throw is what you need to fix.

The actuator is a short plastic nylon piece about 1inch long with 90 degree return up which slips into a metal u plate.The plate is connected on the backside to a cable and the cable is not moving enough to release the lock.?
Cannot tell if the acturator has lost power to activate allthough with my hand on it testing it , it seems to have a strong positive throw.The plate unable to move and open the lock so not sure which item is the problem?