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2006 Nissan Altma rear disk brakes

How much ware should I get from my rear brakes? I replaced them at 18K and 37K, the dealer states that it’s the upstate NY winters. We are not hard on them!

My 2000 Impala with a little over 100K still has the original brake pads a rotors front and back. Either a boat payment is do, or something is causing the brakes to drag.

Agree; this is highly unusual. My wife’s Nissan has 125,000 miles and still has the original front discs; rear drums have been replaced once, front pads once only as well. Before winter we will likele do a brake job.

Suggest you find an honest mechanic who will inspect your brakes and maybe also ask you if you ever ride the brake pedal, or does your wife often drive with the handbrake on?

the dealer insists because they know you trust them. you should realize that dealership service writers are not concerned with repairing your car, but keeping all the mechanics busy, profitable and all the bays filled.

find a good independent mechanic for all repairs which are not covered by warranty.

It depends on how the brake bias is set up on the vehicle. Some vehicles have more bias towards the rear brakes than the fronts. And if that’s the case, the rear pads will wear faster than the fronts.


Are you driving around with the parking brake on?? Rear brakes should last 50 - 80k easily. The front brakes wear far more than the rear. A hustle I have seen is the dealer advises that the pads have x millimeters left on them. If that number is more than one millimeter, the pads are not worn out. So when the owner asks about the wear on the pads after being told they have x millimters left, the service writer simply repeats that they only have x millimeters left, leaving the erroneous impression that they need replacement.

What vehicles have more braking power directed to the rear brakes?

vehicles that go immediately into a skid i am thinking.

Under normal braking circumstances, the brake bias will be to the rear brakes which causes the rear pads to wear faster. However under heavy braking, the proportioning valve will direct the brake bias to the front brakes. Depends on the vehicle.


Actually your dealer is correct. I live in upstate NY as well. My vehicles with rear drum brakes give me long life from the rear brakes (80,000 to 150,000 miles) but my vehicles with rear discs wear out much quicker. The book on them is that the rear wheels get more salt spray (kicked up by the front tires) in the winter and the sale spray corrodes the rear disc brakes much quicker. Rear drums are not as vulnerable since they are closed and the braking surfaces and shoes are somewhat protected. If you drive on the highway much (like I do) it exacerbates the effect since that is where the most severe spray occurs.

I Think thats BS, I know someone in Syracuse with a Sonata with about 100k. I will see How long the rear disc brakes last the next time I see him.

rbhodson, what are your braking habits? See if you ride the brakes or maybe apply them with access pressure. Everybody is quick to condemn (spelling) the dealer and/or service writer, and I know these guys can be real horses butts but sometimes a vehicle problems can be the cause of the vehicle ownee, knowing or unknowing.

Some late model Honda Accord owners are experiencing quicker rear brake wear also…
Allegedly the rear pads are thinner than the fronts.

So you are calling me a liar (or dismissing my experience) and you are predicting that your friend (who you have not even talked with) will have a different experience? Now who is shoveling BS?