Brake pad wear on rear pads for 2004 honda


Should brake pad wear on all four wheels be even? Should rear wear be much more? What is the average mileage on this Honda for a brake pad replacement?


My rear pads on a 2000 Maxima wear out much faster than the fronts. I have no idea why, but they really aren’t too hard to replace. I suspect it has to do with how the hand brake works and that the pads don’t retract quite as far as the fronts.


If you live in snow country where they salt the roads the rear brakes (if you have four wheel discs) will wear out much sooner. Why? The rear wheels get a ton more salt spray in the winter. This problem is not nearly as severe in more moderate climates. All of my vehicles have rear drums because I live in the snow belt of New York and I get 150,000 miles on a set of shoes and the front pads usually give me about 100,000 miles.


it may be your park brake cable adjusted too tight maybe even from the factory.pad type park brakes do not hold as good as drums do.that is why some manufactures have went back to drum brakes on the rear. also most rear disc cars now have a small drum for park brake on the inside of the rotor.