2006 Nissan Altima - CEL

Dear Tom & Ray, I have just recently purchased a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5L. Check engine light appears P0462 ONLY when I fill the fuel tank. However, if I only put 10 gallons or less it is fine. did replace the entire fuel pump assembly $ 300+ later figuring it would resolve problem. Checked all connections, inspected gas tank, all is okay. Some research on this says an electrical grounding issues? Do either of you gentlemen have any idears. I greatly appreciate any information you can provide. Sincerely Ernie.

Tommy passed away several years ago and Ray’s not here (or not that we know!)

So the code’s possible faults are;

  • Faulty fuel level sensor
  • Fuel level sensor harness is open or shorted
  • Fuel level sensor circuit poor electrical connection

The first one SHOULD have been addressed when the fuel pump was changed. The other 2 are likely wiring issues. In a 13 year old car, I’d be checking for corroded connectors and grounds. Removing the connector at the pump and checking resistance to ground is a great place to start. Cleaning the contacts inside the connector with baking soda and vinegar or regular Coke (and rinsing with water) will remove corrosion.

Hello, Very sorry to hear… I really appreciate your prompt response. I will reinspect & clean ALL ground connections, as you advised. Thank you so much for your time and advise. Ernie.