2011 Nissan Altima motor issue. Advice needed!

Hey guys, I have a 2011 Nissan Altima with a 2.5 in it. I’ve been having an issue that I can’t figure out. It’s kind of hard to describe so bare with me. It has started having an issue where the entire cars dies down and comes back up at random times. There is no check engine light and no codes to read. The headlights, dome lights, blower motor, RPMS, Etc. cut down really low and then comes back up. Sometimes it will do it while driving for a few minutes, and sometimes it won’t do it at all. It almost always does it if you let it set and idle for very long. I’ve been told it could be the ground cable? I’ve had the alternator and battery tested three times and they pass every time. It did have and still has the traction control and brake light on for about a month before this started. I’m at a loss and would appreciate any advice!

Do you have a big keychain? try driving it with only 1 key in the ignition and see if it happens.

It has a push button start.

Apologies for non relevant suggestion.

No problem! Thanks for trying.

When the traction control and brake light are on, neither your ABS, traction control or cruise control should be working. That could be a separate problem.

You could have an intermittently failing alternator or as others have suggested a failing ground. Intermittent problems are very hard to test for.

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It could be something basic like a loose or corroded battery connection. That should be the first thing to check before an all-out diagnosis. Checking for codes could help if you’re lucky.

I checked for codes and there were none, and I’ve cleaned battery cables and posts and there were no changes.

What about the other end of the cables ?

I’m going to clean them later today and see if that helps. I’m really hoping it’s just a grounding issue.

Ifg you have a good set of jumper cables hook one of them between the negative post on the battery and a metal part of the engine. Let the car run ar idle and see if it still does it. If it doesn’t, you have a bad ground.

There may be a problem with the battery current sensor.



Have you given consideration to a slipping belt on the alternator and/or a failing belt tensioner?