2006 Mitsubishi Lancer ES - No power to fuel pump connector/harness


I replaced the fuel pump strainer, but now the car won’t start.

I tested the fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relays, and they are fine.

I tested voltage at the fuel pump connector and cannot get anything.

Any help on how to fix this?


So the pump worked fine, then you removed it to replace the strainer, and after reinstall it no longer worked? hmmmm … Do you have access to the pump wiring schematic? Have you tried replacing that circuit’s fuse? Have you tried disconnecting the electrical connector at the pump and probing the voltage there, on the wiring harness side (at a point when the pump should be running)? If you have voltage then, likely some problem with high resistance in that connector.

Did you check both 7.5 amp fuses.

The one for the ECM and the one for the relays?


That’s a weird circuit. Pin 82 of the ECM appears to be connected directly to 12 v power via the ignition switch, yet has a transistor that shorts the battery out. I wonder if there’s an error in that drawing?

Yes, it no longer worked after I replaced the strainer.

I haven’t replaced the fuse, but I tested it with a circuit tester and it lit up. Also, I pulled out the fuse and examined it, and it was in tact.

I tested the wiring harness with a multimeter and didn’t get any voltage.

Yes I tested and examined both fuses and they were fine.

Then the drivers in the ECM for the fuel pump relays may have failed.

Remove #2 relay and insert a jumper wire in the relay socket for the secondary side of the relay, turn the ignition on and then see if there’s voltage.


Test for voltage while cranking the engine.

just out of curiosity.
did everything work ok before you changed the strainer?
why did you change the strainer?
did you disconnect the battery when you did this?

Thanks. This is a little advanced for me, but I’ll google what I can and see if I can get it to work.

Ok, this produced some voltage on one of the pins. Perhaps that means I messed up the pump itself.

Yes it worked before I changed the strainer.

I thought changing the strainer would be a healthy maintenance task, but I read that it should only be done when replacing the fuel pump. Still new and learning over here…

Yes, I disconnected the battery before replacing the strainer.

Make sure none of pins are bent at the electrical connector to the fuel pump. Sometimes electrical connectors are in a difficult to reach place and it can be very awkward to get the two sides of the connector to mate properly, and pins will get bent as a result. Ask me how I know? … lol …

Note: good idea to first disconnect the battery whenever working on the electrical system.

Just as a long shot maybe the inertia gas shutoff switch popped.


Good point. Most cars will turn off the electricity to the fuel pump if certain problems are detected. Like if the car may have been seriously jolted in an accident, if the car has rolled over, etc. If the key is in the “on” position but the engine isn’t running, that condition might disable the fuel pump circuit. It should still turn on the pump during cranking though. Anti-theft systems might disable the fuel pump too.