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2006 mazdaspeed 6 transfer case

I own a 2006 mazdaspeed 6 with 90k+ miles, 2 weeks ago I had a 90k service done at the dealership. On the 14th of May, the 90k service was done (which includes the changing the transfer case fluid/oil). Car was not driven every day, but on the 23rd of May the car made horrible noises on the way home from work. I called a flat bed/tow truck, and have tried to lock in the problem. The sound seems to be coming from the transfer case.The question is could they have done something wrong or was it just the transfer case’s time to go up?

There is a possibility that the transfer case was drained but not refilled. The small amount of lubricant left in the transfer case could have allowed it to continue to function for a few days of driving until it finally failed due to lack of sufficient lubrication.

yeah that is the same answer I got from my dad. Now I get to fight with the dealership… any advice?

Lawyer up, call the state attorney general and the BBB as well.

Forget the BBB, as they have no regulatory or punitive authority, and are essentially an Old Boys’ Business Club. All the BBB will do is to throw your complaint in a file cabinet where it will likely never again see the light of day.

Instead of the BBB, you need to contact the Office of Consumer Affairs, at either the county or state level. Through the Attorney General’s Office, they DO have the power that the BBB lacks.

really a lawyer? As to state officials, i live close to the state line so the dealership is in 1 state and i live in the other, should i report to my state or theirs or both?

I would suggest filing complaints with Office of Consumer Affairs staff in both states. Although the alleged incident took place in one state, you live in a different state, so I would suggest filing complaints in both states.

Did you have it towed back to the dealership where you had the work done? At least give them the chance to look at it and set things right before the lawyers get called in. Mistakes happen. Maybe they can fix it. Maybe it isn’t even the transfer case. (I was not aware that the Mazda was AWD).

mazdaspeed 6, is awd. everything else they has to be a suv to have it. the speed 6 has more in common with the cx-7 than any other mazda car.

can i trust them, if i take it back there?

If you don’t give them the opportunity to fix it, then you’re just doing yourself (and them) a disservice. If they fail to step up and make it right, THEN you go the lawyer/complaint route.

Any mechanic here would surely agree. Give them a chance first.


I agree with Chase. Let’s find out what happened first. Is the car at the dealership, another mechanic, or just home? Has the fluid levels been checked, or are we just speculating on the source of the noise? It just doesn’t sound like the cause of the noise and any possible failed parts have been identified yet, so all this talk of lawyers is way premature. Plus, the dealer should have a chance to make things right once the problem has been determined before any threats to sue are mentioned.

it is just home… i don’t really know how to check it, and probably don’t have the tools… i used a floor jack and jack stands to try and isolate where the noise was coming from. i thought it was a bad brake or half shaft. my pop crawled under it and said the noises all came from the transfer case. (he is an old school shade tree mechanic for cars, diesel mechanic for a living).

i called them, and scheduled an appt on Thursday morning. i’ll let you know what they say.

You could also tell them that you don’t feel the car is safe to drive, and ask them to come pick it up. If it IS the transfer case, you may be saving a lot of money by doing this…maybe not, but I would.

If there’s any doubt in your mind that it is or isn’t safe, have them come and get it. They normally either have people on staff that can do it, or a tow company on retainer.

If they just say to bring it in, voice your concern one more time, and then do whatever they ask of you. Be sure and get the name of whomever it is you’re speaking to. Ask it like “I need to note your name in my log in case my trip goes South”…he may just speak right up, or change his/her mind about you driving it at all. :slight_smile:


no I’m not driving it, i am having it flat bedded there, and if it is their fault, i expect to be reimbursed.

I agree, let them have a chance to make it right before you throw them to the dogs. If they mess it up again, THEN throw them in.

throwing them in. sent a complaint to mazda USA, BBB and the the offices of attorney general for both states. but the wife was fed up so we traded the car. :frowning:

I have tried to deal with Mazda USA both on the N.E. Region level and directly with the president. Thye last thing they care about is their customers. They have a history of passing off any dealer mistake or widespread mechanical problem (i.e. engine failure on V6 Mazda6) as “improper maintenance”. I love driving my Mazda, but I will never buy another.

Brandcd, Any Chance The Transfer Case Leaked Fluid At Some Time Over 90,000+ Miles ?
Do You Park Where You’d See It ?
Don’t Answer This Online. It’s A “Rhetorical” Question For You To Ponder.

Mazda put out a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin # 03-001/08) for their technicians to let them know about transfer case leaks on some 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6 vehicles produced before July 1, 2006 (with VIN - [Vehicle Identification Number] - lower than JM1GG12L7108052).

The leaks supposedly were caused by failing to clean the mating surfaces of the front and rear cases well enough before applying sealant at the factory.

Customers complaining of leaks during the vehicle’s warranty period could have them resealed (4.3 hours) with Permatex Ultra Grey RTV.