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2006 Mazda Mazda6 fog lamps failed

lost my fog lamps stopped working. My turn signal/flasher lights stay on and all sides flash when using my turn signals. fuses check ok found my passenger side fender light is out. looking for reason and or cause. My fog lamp switch is on the turn signal , headlight switch and fog lamp switch.

Pull a fog light bulb and see what it tells you…

There should also be a fog light relay present in your fuse panel… This is another suspect…especially if both fog lights failed simultaneously

Do you have daytime running lights? If so that’s involved w/the fog lights, and is probably what’s causing this weird behavior. Try removing the fog lamp relay. If that results in the rest of the electrical system working normally – albeit with no fog lamp function – pretty good chance theproblem is in the auto light control module. That relay appears to be in the engine compartment & sort of above the driver’s side front wheel area.