05 Mazda 6 blinker working intermittently

So my 05 Mazda 6 was in a small fender bender several months back. One of the items that had to be replaced was the right headlight assembly. Once we got it back from the shop we noticed almost immediately that the right turn signal was working intermittently. We took it back to the shop and they said the assembly was defective so they replaced it and it worked fine for a few days. But then the intermittent problem started again. I didn’t have an opportunity to take it back to the shop so we just deal with it. My state inspection is coming up soon and it won’t pass if the light doesn’t work. I kinda think the headlight assbly is the wrong model. It has a small led looking light in it that is on when the marker lights are on that the other original doesn’t have. Is it possible that is the problem??

If that were the problem it would do it all the time rather than intermittently. Before assuming it’s the wrong module, stop by the dealer and ask them to print an exploded view drawing of your lighting module assembly. My own car has small bulbs, 15W if I remember correctly, that I didn’t even realize were there until I changed a light module. I screwed the module up myself trying to modify it, but that’s another story.

You probably have an intermittent short to ground in a wire that got pinched in the accident. Bring it back and complain. It’s still accident damage, and the insurance should pay for its repair.