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2006 Lincoln Mark LT - Muffler went boom

I had my Muffler blow up split in two. I tried to start my vehicle it hesitated. He made it sound like blup blup blup. I turned the key to off position. About 5 seconds later i heard a big boom. I got out and looked and my muffler was split right around the seams. This was the second time this happened. After the first time i had the Cadillac converter, Muffler and tailpipe changed. The truck ran well for about a month. Still has some hesitation and sometimes starting problems. Could this be caused by a bad ignition modular, ignition coils or bad spark plugs? Or could this be something different.

You have raw gas fumes entering your exaust system. It ignites when exposed to any combustion that enters it causing the explosion. You need to find out how the raw fuel is getting in there. Could be injectors or a bad misfire. I suspect you have your check engine light on and maybe even blinking. You are probably damaging your engine if you keep driving without getting it repaired.