06 Ford escape misfiring?

Was driving my wife’s 06 Ford escape limited, 3.0 v6, 156,000, when I came to a stop sign at the top of a hill. Started pulling away and engine starting running very rough, sounds like all the cylinders aren’t firing. Starts fine but is very loud. I have no idea what it might be, any suggestions?

Exhaust leak maybe.

Did the check engine light come on when this happened? Was it already on?

Broken exhaust pipe, maybe. Shouldn’t make the engine run rough, though. Unless that is just a perception you have based on the noise.

Check engine was already on, I checked underneath for exhaust leak but didn’t find one, not sure how I can check up by the engine

To check for an exhaust leak, have someone block the tailpipe with something like a chunk of 2X4 while the engine idles.


Then you have several problems to fix and the first place to start is to get the codes read so you can learn what the engine is trying to tell you is wrong. Have them read at the auto parts store and post the codes here - in the format P1234 - and we’ll try and help.

The exhaust leak is best found on a lift or safely jacked up and supported by stands with you and a flashlight underneath. If you can’t see the leak, expect it to be in the flex coupling under the car. Stuff a rag or potato in the tail pipe so the exhaust makes a hissing sound when the car is idling. Follow the hiss.

Good advice above. Check the oil level on the dipstick too.

Finally got back to this, oil level is good, can’t hear any hiss over sound of the engine. Got underneath it while running with tailpipe blocked, looked like smoke/exhaust coming down below the engine but slowly stalled out before I could get a better fix on where

Definitely runs rough, slowly stalls out after a couple minutes. Haven’t tried driving it don’t want to make it worse. Whole engine shakes quite a bit when running

The vehicle is at the mileage where it may have jumped the timing chains. And the noise you hear are the plastic guides/tensioners being chewed up.



Damn. No way I can do that one myself