2006 kia sorento

my crankshaft pulley sheared off in kia dealer now is this covered under 100000 mile powertrain warranty i have 88000 miles on it.
heard this is a common problem with the soentos

My answer to your question is…probably.
However, I don’t have the text of your warranty available, so you are probably better able than I am to answer the question.

What exactly does the warranty say?
If it simply refers to coverage of “the powertrain”, then you should be covered, because the crankshaft pulley is part of your engine, and your engine is part of the powertrain.

However, if it says that the warranty covers “all internal/lubricated parts” in the engine and transmission, then you will not be covered.

As the old saying goes, The Devil is in the details, and you have the details that should explain your coverage.

thanks all internal luricated parts is what it says

In that case, then–unfortunately–this repair will not be covered by the warranty.

I pulled up the warranty for a quick read and the harmonic balancer is not listed although the water pump and timing gears are. It could be that the balancer might be covered under warranty even if not listed and there’s always the possibility of crankshaft damage when something like this happens; depending upon how the balancer sheared off.
If the balancer sheared at the Woodruff key then one has to ask why it sheared there.

The 100K warranty can be denied if you are not the original owner or if there was a contributing factor to the failure; say someone changing a timing belt and creating a problem during the removal and installation of the balancer.

As to whether it’s a common problem I can’t say but will say that some complaints do not mean it’s as common as sliced bread. Harmonic balancers fail on just about everything. Some have failed on Subarus and this leads to complaints by the person who suffers the failure reading of a few other failures on the internet and classifying it as common. It’s by no means a common Subaru problem.

If the original owner or contributing factor points are not an issue then I would suggest you try to push the issue because in my opinion it should be covered.

If the trouble is that the outer ring of the harmonic balancer then I doubt it will be covered under warranty, since it’s not an internal lubricated part. But the repair should only be a few hundred dollars so it won’t break the bank.

Is this a common problem? I seem to see these fail more on Hyundais and Kias than I do on other cars, but that’s not a scientific survey. Just what sticks in my mind at the moment.