2006 Kia Sorento - High Idle at Start with engine cold

Please help, I have a 2006 Sorento, Idle at start, when cold is 2000 to 22000 rpms.
When engine warms idle comes down to normal, 1000.
Replaced several vacuum lines, none showed any leaking but replaced to be sure.
Replaced the PCV valve, the old valve was not closing as it should and the replacement seemed to help some.
Replaced the Idle Air Control Valve and checked the old one for movement, moved an 1/8 of and inch from when cold to when hot. The new IAC did improve the problem some.
Tested throttle position sensor voltage, was good through range of motion (including being tapped on to simulate the running of the engine).
Sprayed carburetor cleaner around the engine when cold to look for a possible manifold leak, nothing noted.
Noticed one area that brings down the high idle when sprayed with carburetor cleaner is in the front top center, around a small plastic cylinder which is part of the intake system and has a vacuum manifold which changes the position of the cylinder with engine operation. I have two pictures of the area attached, the white cylinder is at end of paint stick, the vacuum manifold is to the right of the paint stick and yes there are vacuum lines not hooked up in the pictures.
Hoping this is not a manifold leak and hoping to get some help as I posted this on another car forum and have had no responses to date.

It is entirely normal for an engine to run at 2000 to 2200 RPMs–briefly–when started during cold weather. (Hopefully the OP’s engine isn’t running at 22,000 RPMs)

The relevant question in this case is…How long does it take for the engine to settle down to a normal idle speed? If it takes more than a few minutes, then there is a problem. And, then there is the issue of the OP’s stated “normal” idle speed of 1,000 RPMs, which is a bit high for a warm engine. 600-700 RPMs is more typical for a warm engine.

Since replacing the IAC didn’t help very much, I think that the OP might want to have a look at the engine’s temperature sensor(s).

+1 to VDC’s post.

I really thank you for the comments as you two are the only ones who commented.
I actually now have the idle at 1500 rpms when started cold (yes i gave the wrong rpms before) to me it still seems a little high at the start and it takes time to come down to say 1000 idle speed.
The interesting thing that happened was when i replaced the IAC the car automatically began a self testing type of process where the idle went very high to very low several times and this took maybe 15 to 20 mins. I will take a look at the temperature related indicators but other than a thermostat i need to do my homework.
I am also thinking an adjustment again to the throttle position sensor may bring the 1500 cold start down a little more. AGAIN I APPRECIATE ALL OF THE HELP!

Nothing wrong with 1500 RPM at cold start. How long does it take to get down to 800 or so?

Wow, What A Clean 10 Year-Old Engine! I Want To Move Out Of The Salt/Rust Belt Immediately, If Not Sooner!