Sticky front brakes

I recently replaced the front pads and rotors on my 2000 civic and now they are “sticking.” When I press the brake pedal to come to a stop, I can lift my foot off the brake and the car will still come to a stop as if the pedal was slightly pressed in.

Also, on a hill (car is a manual) if I press the brakes, the car won’t initally roll back when I take my foot off the brakes, but after a few seconds the car will start to roll.

Any ideas on whats wrong? The brakes worked fine before the install, thanks!

Did you take the lid off the master cylinder and remove some brake fluid? If not, the brake fluid overfilled the reservoir when you pushed back the pistons to install the new brake pads. BE CAREFUL WHEN REMOVING THE MASTER CYLINDER LID AS IT MAY SPRAY OUT BRAKE FLUID!

When the pistons were compressed back into the calipers before installing the pads, did they slide in nice and easy? Also, did you lubricate the slide hardware for the brake calipers?


You may have a sticking caliper from rust in the piston bore. The reason it didn’t stick before the pad change was that the piston was sitting further out in the bore before you put the new (thicker) pads in. It is possible that the caliper slides were not ground smooth and lubed. and it is also possible that a brake hose has collapsed inside and is slow to release pressure, but the fact that it happened with the pad change makes me think it is a sticking piston. When you get the problem solved have them flush your brake fluid. Brake fluid attracts water and it is water that rusts the bores.