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Noise in Clutch

I have a new VW Passat with a 6mt and every now and then when I slip the clutch taking off from a stop I hear a kind of strange fluttering noise. It only happens every few days and I have not been able to repeat it at the dealer. I have driven manuals for a while and know that I am not hard on them. Any ideas as to what might be making this noise, or what the noise is to begin with? The car has around 20,000 miles. Thanks!

What you can do is document the problem. First document exactly what has happened so far. Write down every incident you can remember and then each time you attempted to get the problem solved at the dealership. Write down what you remember what the miles were on the car when the problems began.

Your clutch is not covered by the long term warranty but it is covered if there is a defect.