2006 Honda Ridgeline hood latch

Is my hood latch under warranty ?

Your car warranty expired a long time ago. Maybe it just need lubrification


Why would someone think a hood latch would be under warranty on a 12 year old vehicle ?

Wow @VOLVO_V70 you are amazing !!!

While you’re at it. That container that I’ve been avoiding opening in the back of the frig…is that still ok to eat if I scrape the fur off the top???

I don’t know how you even know from that post that the vehicle is 12 years old.

Where are these people coming from lately, with such questions and not giving us the least information to make even a wild guess.


Title of the thread says 2006 Honda Ridgeline…

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Just be sure you heat it to at least 240* for at least 30 minutes. Should be fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Boy do I feel dumb. @VOLVO_V70

All that info was in the title.

I’ll go eat that furry stuff now.


Ask a dealership if there are any safety recalls, or customer interest bulletins that apply to the hood latch. If not, I’m guessing you are on your own. It should be fairly easy to find a replacement hood latch for your car though.