2006 Honda Odyssey Gear Issues?

So, my wife was driving our van (battery 6 months old and rebuilt transmission 5 months ago) and she said the check engine light started flashing and it took a long time to get out of the lower gears. Once going over 35 or so it drove fine but light kept flashing. Only happened today, but recurred each time she came to a stop. Any clues?

Check your owners manual. Usually a flashing CEL means the engine should be shut down to avoid damage.

Thank you. She just got back home, so van is off. I’m just trying to see if anyone would know what the issue could be so we have a rough idea on where to call and how much we should expect to pay.

A flashing Check Engine light indicates a major misfire is occurring.

A major misfire can damage such things as the engine/catalytic converter(s), And the vehicle should be immediately stopped.

Some parts stores will connect a code reader to the vehicle to determine what codes are stored for free.

In the mean time, don’t drive the vehicle if there’s a flashing Check Engine light.