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2006 gr caravan woes

I have a P0406 code coming on and off on my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan (EGR). I had the EGR replaced last year and then the cat shortly thereafter (at only about 48,000 miles). Right now, the car tends to make a rattling sound at low speeds, especially after a lot of stop-n-go driving, and it sometimes produces a strong exhaust smell. . The car has always burned/consumed a lot of oil (which Chrysler said was normal when I reported it while under warranty). Is there any chance this is not the EGR but something else producing a faulty error message? I was told by a Dodge service tech that the bad cat might have falsely triggered the EGR code when I first had it replaced.

The code P0406 has to do with the EGR position circuit having a high input, which usually means that the sensor is faulty or the wiring to the sensor may be open. I don’t see how that code could have anything to do with the CAT. Since the sensor has been replaced already the real problem is most likely with a wire connection to the sensor.

I also question the comment about the oil consumption being ‘normal’. I would check the PCV valve and maybe replace it to see if that changed things.

I question that comment too. I reported the problem multiple tines while the car was under warranty. Multiple dealerships told me that Chrysler considers 1 qt. per 1000 miles acceptable.

Thanks for your advice. Would the rattle/ exhaust problems have anything to do with the EGR?

The oil consumption rate seems a little high to me. One quart between oil changes would be more reasonable in my unprofessional opinion. I have never had to add oil to my '02 Chrysler T&C van. If the PCV valve hasn’t been replaced I suggest you do that. It may fix that problem. I also have to wonder if the oil consumption is what killed the CAT so quickly.

Since the EGR valve can effect the way the engine runs I would have to say it’s possible that the rattle may be due to a EGR problem but other things could be causing the trouble also.