2006 GMC passlock no start

I have a 2006 GMC Canyon i5 4x4 with 86000 mi. The problem started about 3 years after purchase. I would try to start the truck the starter engages but doesn’t start, let off the key and the security light on the dash starts flashing. The manual instructs you to leave the key in the run position for ten minutes turn to off and retry to start. This usually works, on a couple occasions I’ve had to do this twice. I’ve had the vehicle to the dealership with no results, it doesn’t leave a code on the computer and hasn’t happened while they had it. They tell me everything checks out fine but the problem still persists. I hate having a vehicle I can’t depend on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Note the suggestion near the end of the above link to get a new ignition key cut from the VIN (not the old key). I’d try that first before cutting the wire.

+1 for @insightful becaue of all the Passlock system failures I’ve seen…a new key has been the fix.

Thanks for the input I’m going to try the new key first. Wish me luck!!
Thanks again

Let us know.

As of March 1st the truck has had no failure to start issues. All I did was have a new key cut from the vin #. Traded the truck this passed weekend so that’s all the info I have.

Thanks. The update is genuinely appreciated.