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Check engine light

My check engine light comes on after the van is warmed up. If I drive it once I get to work or something and turn the van off it will start to smoke. I was told that the fan clutch is shot and needs to be replaced that is why the engine is not cooling

Is this correct or would something else cause this.


Information, please. Like year, make model, engine, etc. Is the engine overheating?


Yes, a bad fan clutch would cause this.

Is there a reason you don’t believe the diagnosis?

No I believe the diagnosis I was just hoping it something I knew how to do. Is there a how to guide I can get off the internet that you may know of.

This might help.

Ed B.

Replacing the fan clutch shouldn’t be that difficult.

Actually, there’s not a lot of room under the hood of these vans. But it is certainly doable for the DIYer.

I would be concerned about engine damage from repeated overheating.

Continuing to drive it like that can make it a lot more expensive.