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2006 Ford Fusion Noises

Own a 2006 Ford Fusion with 24,000 miles. I noticed a lot of undercarriage noise when going over bumps (definitely not a solid ride). It almost sounds like something is loose; however, the dealer checked it over and can not find anything. Then, during very cold mornings, when turning and accelerating, there is a grating/grinding sound coming from the the front wheel areas. I see this comment posted on fordforum; however, no answers. Any ideas?

It is difficult to say from here, we can’t see, hear or check anything. Since the dealer does not appear interested, I suggest you have it checked by a suspension shop. If they find something, you may chose to just pay them and get it right or take it back to Ford and try again, this time with more information. Either way expect to pay for the suspension shop to check it for you.

I agree wih the above post. I would get a written esimate from an independent shop and then take it back to the dealer and have them do the work, assuming it’s under warranty till 36K. If for some reason the dealer says it’s one of those “wear” items that just happens to not be covered by the factory warranty, I’d bring it back to the independent shop for the repair. Good Luck.