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2006 Ford Fusion Door Handle

My passenger side rear door handle was having issues. First, it stopped locking properly–it had to be physically locked and unlocked; neither the drivers side nor the key fob could make it lock. There would only be an odd sound as if it were trying to lock, but that was it.

A while later, the handle itself began to decay, pieces flaking off and the like. So, I decided to replace. I followed instructions I found on line (such as this one, and replaced the door handle.

It’s still not locking. Now, I can’t even get it to manually lock.

I could use any advice anyone is willing to provide.

Well if you are a DIY person, you need to pull the door panel and look for bad parts or connections, sometimes a clip fails or falls off, sometimes the actuator goes bad, sometimes it is a broken wire between the door and the frame, so many options.

The door lock actuator is located in the door latch, not the handle. Replace the door latch.

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I agree, and would suggest that the likelihood of success is much greater with an “exploded view” drawing of the door assembly and some nylon pry bars. The pry bars are available anywhere for under $10. The exploded view drawing may be available from the dealer’s parts window, and will show you where all the clips etc. are and what type to expect.

NOTE: I tried to post a photo of the pry bars, but the software wouldn’t let me.