2006 Ford Focus - Sounds old

My 2006 FF sounds like a 100 year old car

I’m sorry to hear that–no pun intended.
Do you have a question?

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Rust never sleeps.

It would be helpful if the OP informed us which 100 year old car his Ford Focus sounds like.
If he is lucky, it sounds like a 1921 Pierce-Arrow, whose engine was almost silent while idling.

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What KIND of noise?

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… and, is it coming from…
under the car…
under the hood…
under the instrument panel?

Do you hear it…
while starting the engine…
while the engine is idling…
while driving at high speed…
when you apply the brakes…
when you turn the HVAC system on?


Some cars are just born old.

Bet you it has an exhaust leak.


“Ya muffla! Fix it!!”

(Remember that commercial?)

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Yes, an exhaust leak is a possible cause of the OP’s mystery noise, but until he/she returns to clarify the issue and respond to the many questions, nobody from afar could possibly know exactly what is meant by “sounds like a 100 year old car”.

I used to pic up my kids at school in my 72 Camaro. Very nice body. I used to see this lady everyday, also nice body. Ran into her recently and she remembered my old ratty car. Her words. I brushed it off.

Those old cars make a sort of “put put” exhaust sound. Sort of like a go-cart. Compared to newer cars, which make either no sound, or more of a purring sound. I presume the “put put” sound is what the OP means. What could cause a “put put” exhaust sound to occur in an 06 Focus I wonder?

A hole in the exhaust.

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An old time John Deere muffler. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Or when he gets in the car it starts talking, “Back in my day…”

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I knew I was rapidly approaching geezer status when chatting w/ one of my old high school buddies he started the sentence "Back in the day … " … lol

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