Mysterious Noises

Hello! I have a 2003 Ford Focus with about 50,000 miles on it. For the past couple months, there is a noise coming from the front of the car similar to when you blow across the top of a bottle. This is only in the morning, worse when it’s raining. It pulsates in sync with the wheels turning. A few miles later, it’s gone for most of the day, only to make an appearance randomly. There’s also a crackling noise when I make turns… but only sometimes. Both of these things are getting worse. Mechanics said they hear no noise, and thus nothing is wrong with my car. Any ideas? Sometimes it’s so bad I’m afraid the wheels are going to fall off on the highway…

CV joint is a good possibility.

Try another mechanic.

do you have plastic wheel covers?

if so, remove them. i know, it looks ghetto with them off, but try it.

by any chance have you changed the wiper blades? do you have a sun roof? do you have a bra? i DON’T mean the feminine kind!

haven’t changed wipers, no sun roof or bra. do you mean wheel covers like hub caps?

they apparently think the problem was “the belt” and put some “stuff” on it (receptionist couldn’t read their handwriting). got out of the lot and the noises are in full swing. yes, this mechanic was recommended on this site.