2006 Ford F150 - flickering sound

I have a 2006 Ford F150 Pick up. I love my truck but I don’t drive it too much. It have 43,000 miles.

Recently when I started the truck I heard a fluttering/flcikering noise (remember when you put a playing card on the spokes of your bike). At first; it went away. Now I hear it when I start it up and on acceleration. It also shimmied a few times. Scared the crap out me!

I was told to try Sea Foam in the gas because I don’t drive it that much. Did that…no change.

Any thoughts?

Could be something caught in the fan belt.

Thank you I will check. But would that cause it to shimmy?

Since I cannot see and hear the noise through the internet it will be nice of you to post a sound clip when its doing it.If not possible, a trip to a good general mechanic is in order and I am sure they will find the problem in no time.

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The shimmy problem - do this 1. check all lug nuts 2. check tire pressure 3. while parked and engine off see if steering wheel feels loose when trying to turn it back and forth
All of those are fine then you need a front end mechanic.

Thank you! This gives me a good place to start.

I know I need to drive it more; so I wasn’t sure if this was causing the problems.