Hole in Oil Filter

-Today, Saturday, out of state, Oso Blanco found oil splatter on the F-150 tailgate and elsewhere, then discovered a hole in the truck’s oil filter. :grimacing: Oso travels on paved roads, highways, and, rarely, on gravel roads. I had the oil changed at a Ford dealer about 3,000 - 4,000 miles ago.
-What causes a hole in the oil filter? Oso doesn’t recall impacts to the truck that could put a hole in the oil filter.

Oddly, my 2018 Ford Explorer lost its oil due to hole in filter at about 2000 miles–about a 1.5 months after I bought it new. Again, I did not observe any action or impact that may have put the hole in the oil filter. We’ve never experienced oil filter holes before these two incidences, and computer searches have yielded nothing. :interrobang:

Thanks for any assistance. :blush: Sorry about the font–attempts control it have been futile.

If the oil filter itself has a by-pass valve that’s stuck closed. the oil filter can, can burst.


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Thanks. I’ll look that up. I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the newer Ford filters. Oso said the oil was clean.

Should be apparent if the filter was punctured vs ruptured. Post a picture of the damage.

Okay. Oso changed the filter and put in more oil. When done, didn’t see anything with the old filter at that time, but earlier he said it looked as if there was oil coming out. Saved the filter for examination, and made it 250 miles home, and 50 to the dealer. I’m at the Ford dealer now, and asked the service manager to let me look at the filter with the mechanic. Also want to get the info off the filter, in case it’s a trend with the newer filters, and so I can look up the info on the filter, check for technical service bulletins…

can someone explain this and how it relates to OP’S post. thanks

What does “oso blanco” mean in Spanish? (wordhippo.com)

It seems he named his truck white bear.

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ok thanks. thought I was missing something.

well I guess his truck talks to him too. LOL

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It’s husband’s nickname. Usually, use The Little Man, because he’s so big, but a lotta men can’t take my preferred nickname.

ok thanks for the answer.

See below. And OP is “operator” or “operations?”

OP is original poster


I’ve never experienced a punctured oil filter, but if you were unluckly such a thing could happen if a sharp rock or piece of metal got thrown up against it by a tire. More likely if this truck is driven on rock covered roads, or in construction areas.

Found nothing to indicate puncture or hole in the oil filter (see attached photos, 1 per post due to new user). And, searching under the truck 2 weeks later, cannot see any sign of a leak or hole. Hmm.

It could have just been a defective filter. They make like four hundred million of them. Odds are against every one of them being perfect.

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