2006 Ford Explorer Sport Trac - It is ajar

2006 explorer says my liftgate is ajar but it isn’t;how do I stop the flashing dash light??

Fix the switch that tells the car the liftgate is closed.


Black tape, it is 13 years old.

Black tape? Are you kidding me? This isn’t a check engine light on a car with known mechanical problems that doesn’t have to pass an emissions test. This is a warning light for a potentially unsafe condition–a door that isn’t closed securely–and you don’t want to ignore it. Also, having the computer think the door is open could result in interior lights staying on when parked, draining the battery.

Spray some electrical contact cleaner into the latch to clean the switch. I had to do this every month or so to the driver door on my wife’s 98 Windstar and a few weeks ago on my daughter’s 2003 Taurus.

Ed B.