2006 Ford Escape stalls when coming to a stop

I have a 2006 2.3 liter 4 cylinder Ford Escape with a little over 68,000 miles. Runs great until I try to stop and then it stalls out. No engine lights come on and it only happens after it has been running for a bit, not when it’s cold. Ford garage says it’s the torque converter but my boyfriend and my mechanic both have a hard time believing that. It can’t be diagnosed for sure because there is no trouble code for this particular problem. My mechanic wants to change the Idle Air Control valve first.


The IAC bleeds a small amount of air around the throttle plate at idle.

You can simulate this by gently pressing on the throttle. If it does’nt stall when you do this I would go with your mechanics recommendation & change the IAC.

It can be the torque converter lockup not releasing below 35 mph, as it should. To check it out, when coming to a stop, put the transmission shift lever into N. If it doesn’t stall, then, it’s the lockup torque converter. Let us know.