2006 Ford Escape -Marc in the dark

Winters are tough and they’re tougher when I can’t see anything inside my truck. None of the interior lights work in my Escape.
I’ve checked all the fuses and even read through other Ford Escape blogs to try and figure this out.
Can you shed some light on this for me?

Marc in the Dark

How about checking the interior light dimmer? The control may have failed. That is what I would check after fuses.

The dimmer switch is working as I think it’s supposed to. Meaning the dash lights can be made to lighten and darken. Was that switch supposed to control the interior lights too?

Depends on the car. I am not sure about an Escape. In any event, start with the switch that does turn them on. If you want light, you need power and ground at the light. If the switch has failed, no power, no light. If the ground wire for the lights is broken, also no lights.