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2006 Dodge Dakota shaking in cruise controll at 40 MPH

I feel an intermittent shaking for a few moments in my steering wheel of my 2006 Dakota at 40 MPH. Had transmission checked and flushed. New brakes on front end, and still shakes. If I disengage overdrive it stops. Problem is all over internet but no solutions.

Some problems require the right guess without a lot of analysis. That could be a problem since the cruise control is probably one that operates through the powertrain control module (thing that tells engine and transmission what to do).

Without further diagnosis, reflashing the computer should be one possible guess. When that fails, somebody will check for codes (you know, step one). Then, pick your part to remove and replace.

After all, the internet can’t guess everything. Who is paying? Not me.

Guessing it is.

I don’t know what you mean by “Had the transmission checked” - I checked mine the other day. Bent down & looked. Yep, it was still there… But given that you’re talking about 40mph and a connection of O/D on or off I’d be guessing torque converter clutch shudder. That shouldn’t be a steering wheel thing, but having it stop when you disengage overdrive is pretty telling.

And, btw, flushing a transmission is rarely a good idea - unless it first get a new filter via dropping the pan.