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2006 Dodge Charger - overheating causes?

i’m looking to purchase a 2006 dodge charge v6…the owner says that it over heats. but there is no leaking that they know of. but they think it might be the thermostat, radiator clogged or clogged radiator hose. please help me out on this one if there anybody who every been through this situation

Oh for crying out loud. This thing over heats and you want to buy it . It can’t be the only used vehicle in the world you might like.
Tell the owner to fix it and then you will take it at the same price as it is now.


RUN away from this car

There are plenty of other used cars out there

Whatever car you’re considering . . . and you shouldn’t even consider cars that have known problems . . . pay a shop to inspect the car. Tell them you’re thinking of buying it, and you want them to go over it with a fine toothed comb. That includes driving it, both street and highway, putting it on the rack, hooking up the scanner, etc.

Might cost you $100 or so, but it’ll weed out the garbage. And there’s plenty of garbage out there.

Buyer beware

If the overheating had a simple and quick fix, the owner would have already done so, and then he could sell the car for more. Chances are he already KNOWS what the problem is, and it’s probably something very costly, and he’s just telling you it’s probably something cheap and simple, because he wants to pass off his problems to some sucker.

Don’t BE that sucker

The best advice is to not even get into that situation you described

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If I know a car HAS overheated, that is reason enough for me not to buy it.

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I would have no problem buying a car that overheats/has overheated, if it’s a model that I really want, but I wouldn’t pay much more than scrap value for it. And of course, I’d be buying it as a project, with the understanding that it’s going to take a lot of work to become a useful vehicle.

I would value the car on the assumption that at a minimum, I’m going to have to replace the cylinder head(s), head gasket(s) and bolts, all coolant hoses, all belts, water pump, thermostat, radiator, and radiator cap. Of course, there are a lot of incidental parts which would need to be replaced as well, but you get the idea. I would buy everything from Rockauto, except for the used head(s), I’d get from a you-pull-it junkyard and have them checked and reconditioned by a professional machine shop.

If this sounds like something you are willing to do, and the seller is pricing the car appropriately, then by all means go for it. If on the other hand, the seller is charging close to the value of a properly running car, and trying to say it has some minor problem, such as “just needs a new radiator” or “just needs a new thermostat” then RUN, don’t walk away from this “deal”.

RUN, @ric01, RUN AWAY from this car! Too much risk and there are tons more of this model out there!

Run away, you could have any number of problems, the easy ones would have been solved by now. I am guessing head gasjet maybe warped head $$$$