Overheats after 30 miles

I’ve been offered a 2003 Dodge Stratus 4cyl w/150K miles that has been well-kept but current owner says engine overheats after 30-40 miles of driving. He’s checked with 3 shops, replaced radiator but still can’t resolve. I can buy for $350.00…should I?

If you have to count on the shops in your area, you can’t buy it.

what area would that be? I’m in NJ

Who replaced the radiator, the car’s owner or one of the shops?

You said he “checked with three shops,” but that doesn’t mean he actually took the car to a repair shop.

More detail, please.

Is it in otherwise good shape?

Price out doing a headgasket-- that’s probably the worst case scenario. If $350 plus whatever it’ll cost to do a headgasket is worth it, maybe. The whole situation sounds a little fishy to me, though.

Only if you want a hobby.