2006 dodge charger blown head gasket question?!

I bought a 06 dodge charger from a private dealer a few months ago… At the time I bought it, it looked good. But after having it less than a week, discovered it head a blown head gasket. (Guessing maybe a seal was used before and finally broke)…The dealer agreed to have it fixed. Supposedly the heads were warped and needed to be re-machined…they did that…new radiator, and hoses etc…Well I just got my car back a few weeks ago and the exact thing happened again. I have severe oil getting into coolant reservoir just like last time. Did they not fix it correctly you think or is there a bigger issue that can cause this? My engine never smokes at all or makes noises of overheating. No check engine light. Temperature gauge stays in normal range as well.

If they did not flush the cooling system there could be a lot of oil trapped in the coolant passages in the engine. As you drive it will migrate to the high points.

You did not mention what engine . If it has torque to yield head bolts and they re-used them, it could lead to head gasket failure.

I do not know what the situation is with your used car dealer and any warranty. Talk to them and see what they say.

If you have no hope of them doing further repairs, and it is not overheating and you are not using a lot of oil, I would run a compression check and if the results are good, just keep driving.

Dang, son. Dealer pulled heads and new radiator, on a 14 yr old hood special? Agreed, ask dealer why oil is in cooling system. They seem to like to work on it.
Charger? That thing got a Hemi?

The only accurate answer will be from the dealer . I think your best move would be to see if they will take this thing back and let you choose another vehicle .

Highly unlikely. Much more probable that the dealer put a new radiator, used one of the commercially available head gasket sealant products, and said that they fixed the problem correctly. It would not make economic sense to pull and machine the heads on this type of engine–which necessitates a new timing chain kit, new gasket set, new head bolts, and numerous other incidentals–versus simply buying a working used engine from a junkyard and installing it. I call B.S. on the claim that all this work was (supposedly) done.

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I wouldn’t doubt it they lied…hard lesson learned…I’m already in the process of having it fixed properly by someone else…they refused to fix it further. No surprise there.

Supposedly they have receipts from the mechanic shop they used and it’s all in there. But ya wouldn’t Shock me if u were right.

I think your engine oil cooler is leaking oil into the cooling system, that is more likely than leaking head gaskets.

Appreciate the quick response. I’ll look into the oil cooler

They won’t I tried.

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Wouldn’t an oil cooler issue cause a small puddle under your car though? I dont have any oil drips at all. (At least externally)

The 3.5 L engine has a oil/coolant heat exchanger above the oil filter, it can leak internally.

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Thanks for the help