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2006 Dodge Caravan stops running after fillup

90% of the time after I fillup my 2006 van the engine dies while drving away from the gas station…This never happens at any other time…and after it happens once and the van is restarted the problem goes away until the next fillup…No record of a problem shows up in the vans computer

Sorry no answer. This is essentially the same question I just logged in to ask. A 2004 Dodge Caravan–for last 8-9 times have filled up, it consistently stalls, once. Starts easily as leave pump but as soon as I stop (~100 to 200 feet from gas station), it stalls. Restarts easily and does not stall until next fill-up.

Do not top off tank, stop filling at auto shut off. you may be flooding the vent system, no code will be recorded for this problem.