2006 corolla instrument issues

Hi I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla s I recently replaced the engine and it has worked great but my speedometer just stopped working. It was working sporadically then stopped all together then started working again for about a day then was sporadic again and now has stopped working at all for several days now and I’ve also noticed that now my gas gauge is acting sporadically going between just about a quarter tank and dipping below empty triggering my gas light any idea what could be causing these issues? I’m fairly certain the speedo problem is a bad speed sensor or connection to it because the shifting has been affected and the cruise control will no longer work but I don’t know how that is affecting the gas gauge

Could be a lot of things! Why not post your question at toyotanation.com 9th generation Corolla forum. Registation is free

Do you know how your Corolla obtains the speedo info? From a rotating cable directly attached to the transmission? That’s how it works with my older Corolla. Or electronically from an electronic sensor in the transmission? From a wheel speed sensor?

Seeing all your problems are electrical, are you sure you hooked up “ALL” ground wires when you replaced the engine?