2006 Civic LX engine codes

I have a 06 civic with 83k, yesterday the check engine light came on. My friend put his hand held scanner on it and two codes showed up. Coolant temp sensor -high circuit, and IAT sensor. He cleared the codes out and so far(50 miles or so) they have not come back. What should I do?

If the CEL has not re-lit, there’s nothing to do. Drive and be happy.

Wait and see if the Check Engine light comes back on. If it doesn’t, you’re good to go!


If the CEL does come back on first check and reseat the connectors to those sensors.
Then reset and try again.

The CEL did come back on today. I’ll try to reseat the connectors.

I got the code numbers today. P2185, P2183, P0111. Any one know what they are?

Those codes are consistent with what your friend told you.

Both P2185 and P2183 indicate a possible problem with the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor. P0111 indicates a possible problem with the Intake Air Temperature Sensor.

I found a honda service bulletin that addresses these exact codes. It says the ECT sensor 2 is likely corroded at the connector and will need to be replaced. The splash pan will need to come off to get to it. How the heck do you get the pan off any way? Has some weird clip things. What’s the trick?

see page 5

The bulletin expands on what I said in my first post.

It says to replace the sensor and connector, but that’s the OEM/dealership way.

Have you looked at the electrical contacts on the sensors? Do they look clean?

Cut some emery cloth in narrow strips and polish the tabs on the sensor.
The connector might be too intricate to fix , but you can probably get some generic spade connectors and splice them into the harness.