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2006 Chrysler Sebring steering is hard on startup

I have a 2006 Sebring convertible on startup the stearing is hard if I move the steering wheel all the way to the right and left it loosens up it doesn’t matter what the temperature is.


Likely pwer steering rack and/or pump needs replacing. Check the belts too.

Sounds like the rack’s best days are in the past

I don’t think that is the problem, the car has under 50000 miles the problem only happens when you first start the car. If you move the steering wheel to full lock left and right before you move the vehicle there is not a problem, otherwise the first couple of turns of the steering wheel as you’re pulling away are really hard after that the steering is fine, it feels like there could be some sort of air lock in the system.

You’re describing the classic symptoms of a bad rack

Sure, your car only has 50K miles, but it’s a 2006, probably built in 2005

that makes it 13 years old, old enough to be having the problem I described

You got one man’s opinion, for what it’s worth