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2005 Dodge Caravan power steering problem

The power steering does not work when vehicle is first started, making sharp turns, or when very cold outside. Not so much of a squeak, but a rubbing sound when turning wheel.

If you can reproduce this problem regularily, have someone watch the power steering pump pulley as you try to turn the steering wheel. If the pulley stops as the power assist is lost, you have a problem with the serpentine belt or the tensioner. If the pump pulley continues to spin while there is no assist, you are looking a problem in the rack. Failing racks have historically acted up like this when they are first used and under cold conditions.

Hope that helps.

yea sounds like morning sickness in the rack, price replacement

Just bite the bullet and have your rack and pinion replaced. My neighbors 2005 Town and Country van had his replaced at about 45,000 miles and my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan had this lousy factory OEM part replaced at about 53,000 miles. There simply ain’t no other fix. Good luck and try not to spend too much!!