2006 Chevrolet Impala transmission slippage

Transmission slipping at around 60,000 miles.

At 60K is the mileage for your second transmission fluid change, have you done that yet?
Driving less than 5000 miles/year is not beneficial to your car.

I spent about 2000 dollars and the transmission still slipped. I put the vehicle away for 2 years and when the transmission started to fall apart, I put another transmission in the car. The second transmission still slips a little every once in a while on start up or when going into reverse. Just a slight slip or hesitation. At 125,000 km, I had an accident and the insurance company scrapped the car. I won’t buy another 4 speed automatic Chevy. Luckily, they are no longer made.

So, it was totaled at 78,000 miles, not at the current60,000 miles as indicated in your initial post.
Note the category you chose to use “Ask Someone. Readers of this category will graciously read a statement as a question and attempt to provide an answer.
What was the purpose of your post?

I don’t get it. Your second transmission still slipped. You should have complaint to the shop that put it in. Then you had an accident and the car is totaled Why would you want to (or not want to) buy another transmission when the car is totaled and why is that a Chevy fault?