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2006 Chevrolet Equinox - power steering and gauge failure

My power steering and gauges aren’t working on my 06 equinox.I’ve been over both fuse boxes and can’t find any blown fuses.

I don’t know if your Chevy uses electric power steering of not. If it does I would look at both ends of the battery cables for corrosion. At the battery remove and thoroughly clean the posts and connectors. Remove and clean the area where the ground cable is attached and likewise the plosives cable.
If conventional hydraulic power steering, your serpentine belt may need replacing along with the tensioner.
Once the above is done, and if your alternator is charging correctly, your gauges may come back on.

If not, hopefully other responders will have suggestions.

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Check the ground wire for the power steering. It’s an exposed connection and can easily rust and detach from the firewall.